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Represent Your Natural Hair with Our Favorite Curly Girl Hair Shirts

Posted by Bella Kurls on

The natural hair movement is here to stay and we are celebrating curls by creating eye-catchy t-shirts and tanks that recognize the beauty of all curl textures. These shirts are your go-to while supporting Team Natural Hair for Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Sometimes our curls cooperate and sometimes they don't but either way, our curls are beautiful. Step out with your beautiful curls in this Curly Girls Do It Better tank top. BUY NOW - CURLY GIRLS TANK TOP $ 24.99


You can be of any race and also be Latino. We all know this by now, right? Hispanics vary in skin tones, facial features, hair textures, etc. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month we created this Afro Latina t-shirt to embrace and represent the diversity of Latin Americans with African roots. BUY NOW - AFRO LATINA T-SHIRT $ 24.99


Curly, kinky and afro textured hair have been called un pajon (big messy hair) or una greña (bad tangled hair) in the hispanic culture. These words no longer mean anything bad to us anymore. Curly hair is different, it's wild, it's absolutely amazing. Wearing your hair naturally is so empowering! Embrace it! BUY NOW - RIZOS, GREÑA, PAJÓN & AMOR T-SHIRT $ 34.99


For anyone that thinks they can put their hands near your hair, let them know before they even ask. Hence the inspiration behind this t-shirt design. Women with natural hair have always faced unease from people trying to touch their hair, when your words don't work, this shirt will. BUY NOW -  PLEASE DON'T TOUCH MY HAIR T-SHIRT $ 24.99


If someone calls you Pajonua, it's usually a way of saying "Your hair is a mess!" Latinas with coily or curly hair were once encouraged to chemically relax their natural texture for a “neater look.” Here at BELLAKURLS we like to motivate all the curly Latinas to embark on their natural hair journey to love and embrace their pajón with products that compliment your hair. BUY NOW - PAJONUA LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRT $ 34.99

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