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Easy Beach Waves Hair Tutorial

Posted by Bella Kurls on

How to get Beach Waves with a 3 Barrel Curling Iron! It works great on wavy hair to enhance that naturally wavy look. And those who are interested in matching their natural hair with the BELLAKURLS Clipin Hair Extensions - wavy texture can use this curling method on a smooth, blown-out base. Clipin curly hair extensions are a great addition to give your curls a little extra oomph! Change your hairstyle for the night and give your hair length and fullness without the commitment. 


How to use a Three-Barrel curling iron to create soft beach waves on your hair. Holding the iron at an angle, then clamping the tool down on your hair, avoiding the root area. Repeat the motions until you reach your ends, then move onto the next section of hair. The barrels should be facing upwards to see the section of hair as you work your way down. 


With this hair tool, the mermaid waves are easy to create, and the finish often lasts longer. Compared to a regular curling iron, you'll be able to grab more hair at once, potentially cutting down on the total styling time. To help minimize heat damage, make sure to prep your hair with a heat protectant and try not to overlap any waves while you're working your way down a section of hair. 


When you want some extra length or added volume, hair extensions are a great way to change things up. A 3 barrel curling iron is designed to make styling so much easier for you. Your barrel size will determine how loose or how tight your curls are. For free-flowing waves, you’ll need medium-sizes or large barrels that measure about 1-2 inches. FYI, Irons made of titanium are best if you have thick and coarse hair.



BellaKurls Products Used: 1B Natural Wavy Hair Clipin Hair Extensions 26 inches 

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