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How To Blend Clipin Curly Hair Extensions With Natural Curly Hair

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Having trouble blending your hair extensions in with your natural hair? If you are not used to rocking hair extensions, then blending it can be challenging. Blending is simply making the clipin curly hair extensions mesh naturally with your own curl texture. Check out this amazing before and after curly hair transformation featuring Fashion & Beauty Blogger Amanda Walker. This beauty shows us some tips and tricks on how to install and blend her BELLAKURLS clipin curly hair extensions in just minutes.


Blending hair extensions can be quite challenging for people with curly hair, but don't worry because we are here to help. In this video, we’ll share how to blend your BELLAKURLS clipin curly hair extensions into your curls to look more natural. Let’s get to it!


TIP #1: Hide your short hair. If you have short hair or stubborn baby hairs around your neck, it's best to create a small braid then twist the hairs and bobby pin them at the nape of your neck. 


TIP #2: Refresh your curly hair. Apply a generous amount of mousse in sections as you install your clipin curly hair extensions, raking through your curls as you go. Mousse can be used as both a styler and refresher as it provides a soft, touchable hold on curly or wavy hair. Gently scrunching your natural hair with your set of BELLAKURLS clipin curly hair extensions so the two textures blend together seamlessly.


TIP #3: Blend your leave-out. The concept of blending is the key to looking natural with hair extensions. When wearing curly hair extensions, it is essential that the curly hair looks like it is coming straight from your scalp. No one should be able to tell where your real hair ends and where your extensions begin. This is why it is so important to blend your leave out. 


If you want a quick hair transformation without the heavy commitment, consider getting BELLAKURLS clip-in curly hair extensions. Clipin hair extensions can give you an instant makeover since you can quickly put them on and take them off.  Clipin curly hair extensions allow you to play with length, volume, or color, and get your dream curly hair goals now!

Product Used: BELLAKURLS Clipin Hair Extensions | Color: Self Custom Dye on #27 Dark Blonde | Length: 26 Inches | Texture: Kinky

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