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Get Instant Volume with BellaKurls Clip-In Curly Hair Extensions

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Turn Up The Volume! If your hair is feeling thin and lifeless, BELLAKURLS clipin curly hair extensions are the perfect way to add volume. Hair extensions aren't just about adding length, you can easily add volume to your natural hair texture with clipin curly hair extensions. Check out this video to see how Founder of BELLAKURLS, Lynnette Joselly makes her natural hair look full and luscious with just one set of clipin curly hair extensions.


BELLAKURLS clipin curly hair extensions offers a range of lengths perfect for adding volume to your own natural hair: 14 inches, 18 inches, 22 inches and 26 inches. Clipin hair extensions are super easy to apply and are the perfect way to create natural looking fullness with curly hair extensions. Each set includes a total of 9 pieces as they ensure natural blending and ultimate thickness.


If you mostly struggle with thin hair and aren't really looking to add length to your curly hair, just volume? Or if you have short curly hair and love your hair length but just want to add thickness and volume? BELLAKURLS clipin curly hair extensions give you plenty of options to enjoy more hair and more styling possibilities.


Product Used: BellaKurls Clipin Extensions | Color: 1B Natural | Length: 22 Inches | Texture: Curly 

Apparel: BellaKurls Please Don't Touch My Hair T-Shirt


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