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Protective Curly Hairstyles Using BellaKurls Clipin Curly Hair Extensions

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Clip-in hair extensions are becoming the go-to protective style for those with natural hair. Textured hair extensions are another trend of protective styling that is faster and simpler to achieve than crochet braids, weaves and wigs. The purpose of a protective hairstyle is to maintain and protect the health of our real, natural hair. YouTube Curly Hair Blogger Charmsie shows off an easy technique to switch up her look during her healthy hair journey with BELLAKURLS Clipin Hair Extensions


While some naturalistas like to install clip-in extensions to their wash and go in order to add instant volume and length, some prefer to keep their natural hair tucked away. If you are interested in using your clipin extensions as a partially protective style, you’ll want to use the "Braid Down Method" to install your clip-ins. This can be done by twisting or braiding most of your natural hair with minimal leave out at the top.


Don't worry about making the braids perfect because reality is no one is going to see them. We are going to clipin the hair extensions on top of the braid. Start from the nape of your neck and work your way to the top of your leave-out. Once you’re at the top of your head, play around and adjust your leave out to your liking.


If you’re interested in switching up your look but don’t want to damage your natural curly hair, you should try BELLAKURLS clipin hair extensions in curly, kinky, coily or wavy texture. 


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