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How To Clip In Curly Hair Extensions

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So, you've finally got your hands on a set of BELLAKURLS clipin hair extensions but have no idea how to put them on. If you’re looking for a step by step guide on how to clip in your hair extensions and blend them with your natural hair, you’ve come to the right place.

Hair extensions for beginners? If this is your first time wearing hair extensions, hopefully you find this guide helpful in understanding the placement of each weft and how to style the curly hair extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural curly hair. It really is an easy process to transform your short thin hair into long, voluminous curls in just minutes. 


How to clip in curly hair extensions...

STEP 1: Let's work from the bottom up, so start by sectioning off a thin section of hair with your finger or a comb at the nape of your neck and clip the rest of your hair away by using a hair clip. Take a 3 clip weft and measure it against your head to ensure its size will fit perfectly into the sectioned hair. Then, starting from the center of your head, clip in the middle clip into your hair as close to the roots as possible and snap the other clips into place. 

STEP 2: Separate another thin section of hair about an inch above the first clipped weft, and secure the rest of the hair away with a hair clip. Take a 4 clip weft and measure it against your head to ensure its size will fit into the sectioned hair. Attach the clip by sliding it into the root area and snapping the clips shut. 

STEP 3: The next section should be at about the top of your ears. Depending on the size of your head you can either use two 3 clip wefts or one 4 clip weft at the widest part of your head. Once you've attached a piece, continue to let down an inch width of hair from previous section to attach more wefts. 

STEP 4: After all the large wefts at the back of your head have been clipped in, there should only be small ones left: two 2 clip wefts. These are the wefts that typically go on the sides of your hair or anywhere where you feel needs more blending. They work to make your hair in the front blends in seamlessly with the longer extensions.

STEP 5:  Get ready to show off your brand new long, voluminous curly hair! With BELLAKURLS clipin hair extensions there is no commitment as you can clip them on and off whenever you like.

The easiest way to get longer, thicker curly hair right at home is with clipin hair extensions. Ready to enhance your beauty? Click HERE to BUY your set of BELLAKURLS clipin hair extensions today in curly, kinky coily, or wavy texture. 

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